"We are not given a good life or a bad life. We are given life.
And it’s up to us to make it good or bad."   

Ward 'Scarman' Foley


Ward Foley was born with multiple birth defects and very little chance to live.  But he did, only to undergo decades of surgery, agonizing rehabilitation, ridicule, and humiliation. He was also severely burned in a deep fryer, beat up, and almost killed by a drunk driver.
Ward has emerged as a popular and sought-after inspirational speaker, in addition to his regular hospice work, he has spoken in myriad venues across the country, bringing forth a different kind of hope with his message of faith, endurance, and inspiration. Ward has shared his story throughout the world and on numerous TV stations including ESPN, WFAA Dallas,  CBC in Canada and BBC in England.

Ward Foley, aka Scarman, has a remarkable mix of warmth, humanity, and humor that makes him and his unforgettable story a favorite with audiences of all ages. His message reaches into the corners of our lives to pick us up, dust us off, and set us on an unexpected road to self-discovery and - dare we say it? - happiness.
Ward has given hundreds of presentations throughout the U.S. and Canada for over thirty years, at businesses, colleges, churches, and schools. He is also a frequent guest on TV and radio.

"Ward Foley deserves the highest commendation for his leadership role in his work with hospice and his help for so many people around the country who struggle with illness, disability, and other life challenges. His work is a critical contribution to this community."

Kathleen Sebelius, Governor of Kansas

A few speeches…

Midwest Hospice Convention
National Missing Persons
Valley Hope Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center
Texas Department of Family Services
University of Nevada, Reno
Arthrogryposis Conference (OH, MO)
Kansas State University
California and Kansas Highway Patrol
Friends University
US Environmental Protection Agency
University of Michigan
An amazing man! Ward freely shares the wisdom and love learned from his own life's journey of winding roads.  He touches your heart, fills your cup, strengthens your spirit, and shares your smiles.
Amanda McKenzie, Hospice Services, Inc.

Ward came to Friends University a stranger, completely unheard of, and now, he cannot be forgotten by the many who heard him. He clearly has been gifted with story-telling, but more importantly, he has been gifted with a story to tell.
Ashley Brockus. Friends University
Words cannot describe well enough how grateful I am that you came to Thomas More Prep-Mariam to speak to both our students and our families about facing life's challenges while finding the good and finding God in all people and things. Your words were inspirational and your message was both simple and profound at the same time. The audiences were captured and many conversations were launched around dinner tables and in classes from what you discussed.
Denis P. Coakley. Principal & Headmaster, Thomas More Prep-Marian
Don't go and listen to Ward unless you're willing to be touched, inspired and thrown into your own ministry with reckless abandon.
Sister Marilyn Wall
Ward's speech was absolutely inspiring! I loved that we were able to laugh, hide back little tears and reflect on our own experiences at the same time! This was a wonderful program and a great message for the students of K-State!
Shea Olsen. Kansas State University

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