"We are not given a good life or a bad life. We are given life.
And it’s up to us to make it good or bad."   

Ward 'Scarman' Foley

The Scarman Mission

  • By Ward Foley
  • 17 May, 2016
Scarman is about empowering children and adults alike to see a glimmer of hope in the darkest of places. Especially from within.
We all have scars, some you can see and some you can’t.

Helping others to feel so-called normal just the way they are. Being proud of themselves, their struggles and every single scar.
Spreading a message of hope, courage and self-acceptance while providing support, friendship and unconditonal love.
"We are not given a good life or a bad life. We are given life. And it's up to us to make it good or bad." Ward Foley

The Creation of Scarman
Scarman is a character originally created by Ward Foley to offer hope, inspiration, love, and self-acceptance to all. Born with numerous birth defects (Arthrogryposis, club hands & feet, etc.), Ward experienced over forty surgeries that left him with multiple scars covering his body. From these scars, Scarman was born. Since Scarman’s “birth” many years ago, he has become a symbol of self-confidence and hope to people all over the world.

“We all have scars. Some we can see and some we can't. Every scar on Scarman is real and each scar has a story behind it. We can grow from our scars, from our struggles, and from our failures. Scarman celebrates that growth while helping us accept and love everything about ourselves. We are all Scarman.” — Ward Foley

Throughout the years, Foley has motivated children and adults alike by sending more than 4000 Scarman dolls to people in 57 countries. These blank dolls, made by volunteers in a variety of colors to represent all people, enable them to draw their own scars on the dolls, thus creating pride and self-acceptance.

Due to the overwhelming success of Scarman dolls, Foley went on to create a Scarman coloring book with the same premise. On each page, Scarman is involved in a different activity, sending the message that people with disabilities are capable of living full lives and doing things in their own special way.

As the dolls and coloring books became widely known, Foley developed Scarfest, a one-day festival where families gather in different cities throughout the world to share their stories, make new friends, and to bring hope and awareness to one another. Scarfest is held approximately every other month and can be blended with other non-profit events.

In addition to Scarfest, Foley travels on a regular basis to visit children for many reasons: to speak at their schools, to provide emotional support before and after operations, to encourage families of newborns with disabilities, and often just to be a friend.

In 2015, Foley raised funds to travel with Team Scarman to England where he rode his bike from Bristol to London, which ended with a meet-up in Hyde Park. People came from all over Europe to meet other families with children who suffer from Arthrogryposis and other disabilities. It was a great success that garnered media attention from the BBC and other outlets.

As Scarman and his endeavors evolve, so does the opportunity for Foley to carry out Scarman’s mission and to reach an even greater number of people around the world. For this reason, Scarman Inc., a non-profit 501c3, was created.

It is Foley’s hope that in the not-too-distant future, he will have increased opportunities to travel with Team Scarman not only to cities in the U.S., but also to countries where hope is elusive and where he believes he can help empower children and adults alike to see a glimmer of courage in a dark place.

Your partnership will allow us to continue our message of hope and self-acceptance. All donations to Scarman Inc. will go to: shipping dolls, printing and shipping coloring books, personal visits and to coordinating, managing, and traveling to Scarfest events. Visit www.ScarmanUSA.com for more information.

For those who would like to contribute by sewing dolls, here’s a link that will give you all of the necessary information.

Team Scarman is primed and ready to continue spreading their message of hope and self-acceptance, but need your help to make it happen. Every donation, large or small, helps to make a difference.
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