I was taught from an early age that while there is a lot I’m not able to do, there is a lot I am able to do. I know that riding my bike across England will probably be one of the most difficult physical tasks I have ever undertaken, but I am both excited and confident for the opportunity to bring hope and awareness to more people, particularly children making similar life journeys.

Having successfully completed two previous bike trips, I recognize the vital support that I will need for this third and very important ride. I will require a team consisting of six people, including a child with AMC. In addition, different children from Europe will be joining us for portions of Ride with Hope. I am currently working to arrange media coverage in the towns that I will pass through, as well as communicating with ESPN about a follow-up story.

My journey will end in Hyde Park (London) where there will be a meet-up with families from all over Europe. I cannot express the importance for children and their parents to know one other. Meeting others with the same condition and challenges is truly joyous. It helps people to feel far less isolated and to have greater reasons to be hopeful as they join together to support one another. Families who felt frightened and alone now feel as if they’re part of one large, loving family.

If you would like to support my Ride with Hope, please consider donating at gofundme.com. Your generosity will be used to support the logistics of Ride with Hope as well as Scarman dolls and coloring books for children.

Thank you for your support. Stay tuned for exciting news and updates.


Scarman was created from some of my scars, but he represents all of us.

We all have scars. Some we can see and some we can't.

Every scar on Scarman is real and each scar has a story behind it.

Your story of scars is unique and only yours.

We can grow from our scars, from our struggles, and from our failures.

Celebrate the wonderful you for coming so far

and by being perfect just the way you are.

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Since the creation of Scarman we have made dolls, shirts and hats in hopes of reaching children in different ways. Each doll is hand made by several volunteers. We are able to give children around the world blank dolls for them to create their own Scarman.

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Scarman on Facebook 
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