"We are not given a good life or a bad life. We are given life.
And it’s up to us to make it good or bad."   

Ward 'Scarman' Foley

A short documentary about author and public speaker Ward 'Scarman' Foley directed by Robert Ashe, Lead Editor/ Two-Time Emmy Nominee for Conan on TBS.

Scarman: A Documentary has won a IndieFEST Global Film Award of Merit for disability issues.
Ward Foley was born with multiple birth defects and very little chance to live.  But he did, only to undergo decades of surgery, agonizing rehabilitation, ridicule, and humiliation. He was also severely burned in a deep fryer, beat up, and almost killed by a drunk driver.
Ward has emerged as a popular and sought-after inspirational speaker, in addition to his regular hospice work, he has spoken in myriad venues across the country, bringing forth a different kind of hope with his message of faith, endurance, and inspiration. Ward has shared his story throughout the world and on numerous TV stations including ESPN, WFAA Dallas,  CBC in Canada and BBC in England.

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Scarman was created from some of my scars, but he represents all of us.  We all have scars.  Some we can see and some we can't.

Every scar on Scarman is real and each scar has a story behind it.  Your story of scars is unique and only yours.  We can grow from our scars, from our struggles, and from our failures.

Celebrate the wonderful you for coming so far and by being perfect just the way you are!
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